Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Different Kind of Cradle

So as I hope you have seen a few posts earlier, I made a drop spine box with a cradle -- a wonderful home for any book, but sometimes a not-so-easy-to-properly-operate home. I noticed that whenever I opened the box, one tray would always fall open slightly. The other tray is held down by the weight of the book and gravity of course.

With some writhing and catching and hand eye coordination the cradle box can be opened easily. I thought my cradles would forever be a challenge until I discovered a post on the blog of Jeff Peachey, an amazing knife and tool man. His cradle was different. It was simple. It was a breeze to produce. It was pretty. It was glory. And I felt glorious.

The cradle of the "B tray", as it's called, doesn't really exist. No flapping cradle attacks the fingers of a curious person venturing into the box. No... no, no. The box opens and voila! An empty, tidy B tray. In the other, the A tray, lies a neat, cozy-like structure housing and hugging the book within. Check this gorgeousness out. Boxes never cease to surprise me.

See empty B tray heaven on the left above?

Hope you've enjoyed!

If you have items you'd like to house in a cradle box or a regular drop-spine clamshell box, please email me and we can discuss plans for shipping to and fro and pricing details for the production work.

Love hugs?
Book + Box = hug.
Book + Box with Cradle = Everlasting Embrace