Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Sarah Vowell Project - Three Clamshell Homes

Last fall I had the opportunity to see author Sarah Vowell at Brown University. She read excerpts from her newest novel, The Wordy Shipmates, and gave a witty and hilarious talk. I had finished several of her other books last summer and was excited to get her signatures.

When I approached her, I told her with a large smile and slightly nervous twang, "Hi, my name is Caitlyn, you rock and I'm a bookbinder. When I learn how to make boxes I'm going to make some boxes for these books. It's going to be awesome." She thanked me and smiled.

Sarah Vowell's autographs are the only I've received from an author. It was a very exciting evening. She signed three books and in keeping my promise, once I had produced several practice boxes, I made the following enclosures. It's a fun memory of mine and the beginning of my love for boxes. Also, her books are fantastic.

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