Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Final Cereal Serials of my First Year

Summer was approaching and I knew serials would be difficult to make. I had many. I wanted more. And I had tons of cereal boxes next to my bench.

Mini Wheats with Maroon Spine


Honey Bunches of Oats


Cap'n Crunch


Cap'n Crunch Small


Lucky Charms


GO Lean!


Lucky Charms Small with Navy Spine

There are many more in stock. Cereal and non-cereal (made with marbled paper). Email me if you'd like to see more!

Soft Leather Historic Longstitch

In the last few weeks of school I happened upon The Leather Guy, a company that sells all different kinds of leather. I bought a bundle with the intention of making soft leather historic longstitch bindings. In the past I have used stiff wooden spines and hand made papers for this structure but wanted to see what I could do with this new leather which is quite unfit for paring as it was vegetable tanned and rather tough on the fleshy side.

I have seen this structure all over the place but the sections of paper are sewn directly through the leather -- I am not a fan. The book ends of super floppy doppy and I prefer a more controlled item. I produced a stiff spine using 40 point board which keeps the sections of paper snug. The leather is completely soft and drapes open beautifully.

I used a goat skin strip for the wrap enclosure.

Something simple. Something pretty. It was the end of the year.