Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Phantastic Mr. Photoshop

So, if you've read the About Me page on this site than you already know I am an experienced photographer and photoshop nerd. Earlier this year my grandmother gave me a giant photograph of herself and her twin brother. I was asked to transform the image into a smaller one that might sit nicely on a mantel or bedside table. Wish granted. And I thought I'd share another passion of mine with you. Don't worry, books still rock my socks off.


The original photograph was roughly 18 by 20 inches (still is -- the original is intact completely). The edges weren't in great shape either and the right bottom corner had ripped off. The picture needed to be scanned in four segments and then pieced together in Photoshop. Once I finished that part I edited the different colors and cleaned the photo of dust, specs, time damage, and replaced some lost areas. My grandma's birthday rolled around early August and I presented her with a lovely 4 by 6 inch framed photograph. Another will be printed and sent to her twin.


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