Saturday, September 11, 2010

Biggest Book I've Made Yet

Over the summer I received a request to build a scrapbook. Yes build, not make. This baby was supposed to be huge. And it was. Huge. When I think scrapbook I think three ring binder -- ppff -- or stickers or semi maybe perhaps tacky decorations depending on respective tastes. The scrapbook I was asked to create was to be classy, smooth, and I would not fail to make anything less than hunka hunka gorgeous. I decided to build the book simply as a large book at first. I used a beautiful thick Rives BFK paper and made sure to keep the deckled edges. Deckle is the rough "fringy" looking edge of certain paper. I sewed the text block, lined the spine, glue the case together and voila! Phase one - Complete.

Phase 2 - Book turned Scrapbook Transformation.

A scrapbook contains pictures, letters, photographs, etc. If one inserts extra material into any book the entire structure will expand, puff out, stress the spine and heighten the risk of deterioration of the book. In order to compensate for extra material pages need to be left out from the beginning, or cut out at the end. I chose the latter. It was a bit heartbreaking to cut away from the massive text block but I was comforted by the thought that it would rise again after filled with letters and other mementos. I used a black Brillianta bookcloth for the spine and my own green stone marbled paper for the covers. Very proud of this gigantic piece which has inspired me to produce another one without removing pages. I just want a gigantic book next to my mini 1 inch ones.

Bill Used to Display Size

Deckled Edges

Gold Stamping on Cover Label

Final Scrapbook after Pages Were Removed

I have recently been informed that it has chunked back up quite close to it's original thickness. Happy Birthday Mr. Wojie! It was a huge pleasure to make this book.