Thursday, June 9, 2011

Am I a part of History now? The story of how George Washington and I became BFFs

When you hear the name "George" who do think of?

I usually think of my favorite comedian, the late George Carlin. Sometimes I think of the dad from Father of the Bride, George Banks, and of course my mind can't escape the hunky and politically savvy, Mr. George Clooney.

But for the past few weeks a different George has had my attention. President George Washington. Let me explain.

By now you know that I adore constructing boxes. Small. Large. Leather. Cloth. I love boxes. I've made hexagon boxes and multi-compartment boxes. Boxes for photographs and boxes for fine bindings. My latest box project was different from all the rest in that it featured celebrity belongings. A historic celebrity. And you thought seeing Jaleel White in an LA yogurt shop was rad. (Oh yeah. That happened.)

Long story a wee bit shorter -- I was hired by the Boston Atheneum to construct 18th century boxes for some books. The books to be enclosed were owned by George Washington himself and kept in his library. They are now safe inside quarter leather boxes with italian marbled paper. I used handle letters and double lines on black leather to make the gold labels.

Who's excited? I'm excited.